Cast Iron – Sizzle!

I’ve been spending more time with the beautiful cast iron pan I got for Christmas.  Tonight I made two NY strips (look at those beautiful 18-ounce bastards!) and some roasted potatoes.

I started by getting the pan hot on medium high heat, and preheating the oven to 425.  While the pan was heating up, I rubbed the steaks with coarse salt, fresh ground pepper, and dried rosemary.


Added a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of butter.  Once the butter got done bubbling, I threw in the steaks.

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Wake Up Wrap at Dunkin’ Donuts

Behold the Dunkin’ Donuts Wake Up Wrap. 8/10 – Will purchase again, but it’s not suddenly my go-to DD breakfast.



-Cheese amount above and beyond minimum
-Easy to Eat
-It comes in a folded tortilla so you know it’s good for you

-Small, more than one is needed if you weigh over 65 lbs
-Bacon strip is thin

Overall, not bad, especially for the price. It’s $1.09 for egg and cheese and $1.49 to add bacon, sausage, or some other kind of meat I don’t remember. Next time I will get the sausage…that’s hard to make super thin like the bacon was. But the flavor was good, and for $1.49 getting two (or three or more) isn’t a bad proposition. The amount of cheese was perfect…really made the pieces adhere to each other (contributing to the ease of eating) and added some good texture. And it is not messy/greasy at all. The tortilla is folded in half (maybe 6 inches in diameter) so it’s really more of a small breakfast quesadilla than a “wrap.” If you need breakfast in a hurry and want to be able to eat while you work without getting sausage grease all over your mouse and keyboard, I recommend this.