About turngren.net

About turngren.net

About me: I don’t work in IT.  I just like to screw around.  I originally started this site on an Ubuntu Server box in my bedroom, but I moved it to a Linode server a month or so in.  That way I don’t have to maintain the hardware, power outages, etc.  Also, I’m no longer technically violating the terms of my ISP. 




My main purpose is for my own education…but if someone somewhere else finds the information on this site useful, that is an added bonus.  Interests of mine include Linux, photography and cooking.  Maybe some others here and there.


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  1. I like reading your reviews. I bought 2 Boston Market Salisbury Steaks after reading and am going to try 1 tonight. What are your top 5 or so frozen meals? Thank you.

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