Frozen Meal Review #5: Devour Italian Sausage Lasagna

This is the second of the two Devour meals I have eaten so far.  It’s pretty good. Simple, but good.  Devour Italian sausage Lasagna.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  It’s lasagna.  But instead of using ground beef, it uses Italian sausage.

As someone that loves Italian sausage, this was another win.  The flavor is excellent, and the cheese feels real.  The large, flat noodles were pretty al dente – making them almost hard to cut with my fork – but not enough to be troublesome.

My only complaint is that the tomato sauce tasted a tiny bit sweet, but I differ from a lot of people there…I don’t care much for sauce that is a little bit sweet.  Probably because I grew up with an Italian grandmother that didn’t make sweet sauce.

Overall, it was a solid meal.  The flavors work well together and the quality is pretty good for a frozen entree.

8/10 would eat again.

One thought on “Frozen Meal Review #5: Devour Italian Sausage Lasagna”

  1. I take it they pay you for these reviews? Just ate one of these and it was absolute crap. Noodles were rubber, sauce was tasteless, sausage tastes like black pepper covered paper. Pathetic…

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