Gone and back again…

I managed to crash my own Debian server.  I got so frustrated with the SSL certificate installation process that I uninstalled apache with the intent of reinstalling it…which didn’t work, because it left all the config files (even after running things like “apt-get –purge remove apache2” and “apt-get clean && apt-get autoclean” and I wanted to start off clean.  So, my site was gone.  But now it’s back.  Gone and back again.

So, I backed up all of the web root folder to a NAS, and even went so far as to dump all of my MySQL databases as well…which I forgot to also move over to the NAS.

So after staying up *way* too late, I had a working installation of Ubuntu Server 14.04 installed, and got apache up and running…and that’s when I realized I didn’t have the databases backed up anywhere…so here I am starting over.

I’ve switched to WordPress, as I found Joomla just had way more features than I needed…so far it’s simpler.  I’ll spend more time later finding a better theme and customizing it, but for putting updates on the web that no one will ever read…it does just fine so far.

Up next on my to do list are to get SSL certificates working, which is first and foremost.  I want to do that before I start messing with anything else, because if everything gets screwy I don’t want to lose so much having to start back at ground zero.

After that I plan on getting phpBB and OwnCloud back up and running, then I should be good to go.

Now comments can be added…feel free…if there’s anyone actually reading any of this!